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If you are spending too long on admin for your business, then you need BeePro.
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 Regain your time to do more,  whether that’s more jobs, more family time, or simply more time to relax.

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Already using Quickbooks or Xero? That’s great news, we don’t replace these, but we can help you get even more value out of them. By linking your BeePro app to other tools such as Quickbooks and Xero, your invoices will update in your accounting app instantly.
Why not hook up with Stripe payments, which will allow you take instant payments, securely within the BeePro app. By connecting up your app, you can easily manage the key parts of the job without going into your full accounts.

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 How  BeePro Works 



Take the headache out of client management. Set up a client with just a name and easily create quotes and invoices to speed up the payment process. Access your client timeline for a history of everything you’ve done with them, from the first visit to the final invoice. Pin notes, photos and images to your timeline to create a full record.


Create quotes in minutes from line items or a custom template. Add VAT, margin and discounts before sending quotes straight to your customer for approval. Our flexible quote-builder lets you add your logo and colours to make professional and comprehensive quotes with full cost breakdowns.


Turn existing quotes into invoices — or create a new one and email your client in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Instantly check what you’re waiting on from any customer and reduce the need to chase. Just like quotes, invoices can be customised to fit your business.


Get paid fast by connecting your Stripe account to BeePro for immediate and secure in-app payments. Not paying via card? No problem! You can record other types of payment to ensure you know who has and hasn’t paid up.


Connect your email to BeePro to manage all your client emails in one place – don’t worry, it only pulls through emails for clients. BeePro creates one, clear place to write, send and receive your client communications, without all the noise.

 FREE 60 day 

no-obligation trial

Not sure if BeePro is right for your business? Try the app free for 60 days and feel the benefits of having all your clients, quotes, invoices and payments together, in one easy to use app. With our no-obligation trial, there has never been a better time to try BeePro.

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