Helping tradespeople   to be the best that   they can be 

 Helping   tradespeople to be   the best that they   can be 

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Let’s face it,

you  work hard. 

Let’s face it,

you  work hard. 

It’s not just a 9–5 — you’re juggling emergency callouts, ad hoc jobs, and multiple projects that take a long time to complete. And since the pandemic, you’ve probably been snowed under with work. You can’t really switch off when the job is done, as there are always customer emails, quotes, invoices, payments and paperwork to handle. You might be losing your evenings and weekends to writing quotes or chasing invoices. It probably feels like your work never stops.


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BeePro - Handle your business from your phone

But what if you could handle  your business  from your phone?

That’s where we come in. We created BeePro as a no-nonsense app to handle all your clients, emails, quotes, invoices and payments. You can also track progress with your customers using an active timeline that shows everything you need to see.

Like the best tools, BeePro does exactly what it’s designed to do: make any tradesperson’s life easier by organising your admin and making it fast and easy to get paid.

You can link Quickbooks or Xero to BeePro, making it easy to see where you’re at on any given job without all the added accountancy stuff.

We’ve also hooked BeePro up to Stripe, so you have a fast and safe way to process payments.

BeePro is secure, simple and empowers you to be and do your best.

 BeePro plays nice. 

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Not sure if BeePro is right for your business? Try the app free for 60 days and feel the benefits of having all your clients, quotes, invoices and payments together, in one easy to use app. With our no-obligation trial, there has never been a better time to try BeePro.

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